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    Affordable CNC machine tool manufacturer

    Indonesian customers come to buy CNC gantry machining center

    >Indonesian customers come to buy a CNC gantry machining center,?I went to the airport today to receive 4 customers from Indonesia who needs to buy CNC?gantry Machining Center.

    Customer visit

    Machining center assembly shop

    Through on-site visits and presentations, our customers are very satisfied with our CNC gantry milling machines to meet their production needs. The customer also visited our processing workshop, assembly workshop and quality management inspection department. Learn more about the production process and quality inspection process of CNC gantry milling machine.

    Customer visit

    Machining center automatic tool changer detection

    The customer is very satisfied with our gantry machining center and said to go back and sign the contract with the engineer after discussing more technical details.

    Customer visit

    Discuss machining center technical issues

    TAICNC is China’s leading manufacturer of CNC machining center and CNC milling machine. We have several types of portal milling machines and gantry machining centers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.



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