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    Affordable CNC machine tool manufacturer

    CK-6136 Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

    CK series flat bed CNC lathe it has a number of models to choose from, CK6136 flat bed is only one of the models, if you need to know other models can access our CNC lathe product catalog. CK series flat bed CNC lathe is an economical numerical control lathe developed by TAICNC according to the market demand. it is also called numerical control turning center. it can complete the production and processing of a lot of materials. And the price is very affordable, TAICNC is a CNC machine tool manufacturer from China, we have 18 years of CNC machine tool manufacturing experience


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    >CK-6136 flat bed CNC lathe It is a CNC machine tool for metal machining. It is also called CNC turning center.

    Better stability means better machining accuracy. TAICNC CNC lathe are designed with stability and rigidity in mind to assure optimal stability when performing heavy – duty cutting.

    The TAICNC Flat Bed CNC lathe is designed and built with one thought in mind customers have come to expect.

    lt delivers high productivity, accuracy and exceptional surface finish. The CNC turning center features up to 3,000 rpm variable spindle speed and a high stock removal rate.

    CK-6130 flat bed CNC lathe

    Every process will be based on verification of the installation process by professional trained staff and continual

    enhance the quality consciousness,so that every day we produce every lathe with high accuracy and high stability.

    Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine video

    CK Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine is an economical numerical control lathe developed by TAICNC according to the market demand. it is also called numerical control turning center. the video demonstrates the machining mode of the machine tool.

    Best Casting Material

    All CK Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine structural parts are manufactured from high quality stress relieved Meehanite cast iron, to minimize deformation.
    Massive base construction ensures high rigidity and excellent vibration dampening.
    Features box ways on X, Y, Z-axis. All surfaces are hardened and precision ground.

    Best casting material

    High Rigidity Spindle

    Features a high precision spindle that accommodates both collet chucks and 3-jaw hydraulic chucks for versatile machining options. The spindle features a double row of roller bearings combined with angular contact ball bearings that resist radial and axial loads. With spindle speeds up to 3000rpm, fast and efficient machining is guaranteed, as well as very fine workpiece finishing.

    High rigidity spindle

    Construction Heat Dispensing

    CK series CNC lathe head stocks feature even thickness sides, which evenly distribute cutting forces to the machine bed, resulting in exceptional vibration dampening characteristics and forms a stronger structure to handle interrupted and heavy cutting applications. Heat dispensing fins around the headstock evenly dispense heat to reduce deformation, therefore, increasing machining accuracy.

    construction heat dispensing

    Precision Three-Grip Chuck

    The CK series flat bed CNC lathe is equipped with a high precision three-claw chuck, which enables it to maintain higher stability and precision when rotating at high speed. it is the best combination with the precision spindle.

    three jaw lathe chuck

    Super Audio Quenching Track

    CK series flat bed CNC lathe uses ultra-audio quenching track, which makes it have good rigidity and stability. it can complete the machining of copper, aluminum, steel and other materials. it is the best flat bed CNC lathe.

    Ultra-wide X-axis and Z-axis hard rail design, so that CK series CNC turning center in the re-cutting load to show the best stability and efficiency, all hard rail surface after precision grinding and heat treatment.

    CNC lathes rails

    High precision roller screw

    Ball screw with is a very important part of flat bed CNC turning center. It affects the accuracy of machine tools. This machine uses C3 grade high precision ball screw with pre-extension process, improve the transmission rigidity and machine accuracy.

    precision ballscrews are made through a grinding process of the screw spindle. Precision ground ballscrews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life. These highly efficient ballscrews are a perfect solution for a variety of applications.

    High precision roller screw

    High Speed Motor

    The machine tool is equipped with belt high speed servo motor, which has the characteristics of high speed and high torque. with servo system, the stability of the whole machine is higher.
    High speed motor

    CNC Lathe Tool Holder

    CNC tool holder is the most common auxiliary device of CNC lathe. it can make CNC lathe complete many or even all kinds of machining processes in one clamping of workpiece, in order to shorten the auxiliary time of machining.
    Reduce the error caused by the installation of the workpiece many times in the machining process, so as to improve the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool.

    CNC lathe tool holder

    Equipped with well-known brand CNC controller

    The CNC controller is the brain of CNC lathe. This CNC lathe has four brands of CNC controllers to choose from. They are Taiwan SYNTEC/Germany Siemens/Japan Mitsubishi/Japan FANUC, and they all have rich experience in CNC controller manufacturing. , high market share, and provide complete technical manuals.

    Equipped with well-known brand CNC controller

    Precision Lathe Spindle Belt Driven

    TAICNC each spindle has gone through 13 strict steps, four process tests, two dynamic balance tests to ensure that each spindle can play a high-precision operation stability.

    Precision Lathe Spindle Belt Driven

    Quality management

    Every machine tool produced by TAICNC is produced in strict accordance with the ISO standard. During this process, a variety of quality management tests will be carried out. We must ensure that all the CNC machine tools delivered to our customers are qualified and perfect.

    A sophisticated laser unit is employed to inspect the three-axis accuracy.Including linear positioning, positioning, accuracy, pitch error, and backlash, etc.
    use a ball bar tester is employed for inspecting servo accuracy, static and dynamic geometric errors.

    TAICNC Quality management

    Production sample

    CNC lathe can do a lot of work this is only part of it, it can process a lot of materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, Bakelite and so on, can be used in various fields, if you are not sure Whether to meet your requirements welcome to contact us.

    CNC lathes sample

    About packaging and shipping

    We use strict packaging for all machine tools to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation. We have good cooperation with many transportation companies. We must ensure that the machine can be transported safely and on time to your factory.

    About packaging and shipping

    TAICNC certificate

    TAICNC has passed the ISO9001 / 14001 certification and CE certification, obtained a number of national patents, and strictly comply with manufacturing standards.

    TAICNC certificate

    TAICNC manufacturing factory show

    We have a sound management system and a clean factory, which is the first condition to ensure product quality.

    TAICNC manufacturing factory show TAICNC manufacturing factory show

    TAICNC manufacturing factory show TAICNC manufacturing factory show


    Max Rotary Diameter on Bedmm360
    Max stroke on swingmm180
    Max Length for workpiecemm750
    Width of Guiderailmm260
    Spindle Speed(r/min)300-3000 AC
    Spindle TapermmΦ40
    Main Motor Powerkw3.0kW AC
    Z Travelmm800
    X Travelmm180
    Driving? Motor Torque X/Zn.mServo 5/7.7
    Repeat Position Precision X/Z(ISO)0.012 / 0.016
    4 work position Carriage?Standard
    Tool Rack- On requirement
    Tool Size(mm)20×20
    Tool Change time?2S
    Tailstock Sleeve travel?120
    Tailstock Sleeve Diameter/Taper- Φ60/ MT4
    Outer Sizemm2250×1170×1490
    Total Weight?1600(For Ref)
    CK6136 CNC Lathe Specification List
    3Main Motor5.5KW Converter Motor
    4Chuck3 Jaws Chuck
    5Inverter5.5KW Inovance
    6Guide ScrewHJ/QIDONG
    7Spindle BearingsHRB
    8Carriage3/4 work position electric tool

    Our Advantage



    We have 18 years experience in CNC machine tool production and provide a variety of CNC machine tools.



    Has advanced leading production facilities such as the pentahedron gantry machining center and guide rail grinding machines.



    Has advanced international coordinate measuring instruments, laser interferometers, ball bar and other high-precision testing equipment.